everlasting love


When I submit to what the evil one has whispered in my ear, my heart sinks. He whispers “he’ll never notice you” or “you think you’re pretty?" and "honestly, give it up. you’re invisible to these people" But then this blinding light comes and shouts over him "No Whitney! I have noticed you. I…

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sometimes starting a new journal is hard

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It’s been a rough couple of days. I’m searching for contentment, rest, and comfort but I can’t seem to find it. I know true rest is found at the feet of Jesus, but by golly I cannot seem to attain it.

I know it as truth, I know it will bring relief, but I feel like every time I battle for it I lose.

Living inside this flesh is hard, especially when I know it’s all so temporary. But I must endure.

The Lord has been reminding me I don’t have to make myself perfect, or even clean, before His thrown. I could go my whole time on earth battered, broken, and full of heartache. But as long as I am seeking His face and making every effort to move closer to His kingdom the ending of my story will not change. I will return home to Him.


So I was shooting on this roof earlier and this couple randomly comes out from that door and are playing and running to and from each other for like 20 minutes. They looked like little kids, It was so cute I wanted to cry. 


I long for colder days and I want them, now.



I had free time.

(I swear I’ll get a real one soon)



So many items arranged so beautifully.

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how are my friends all so beautiful?? I don’t get it??

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❝ I will not be your “sometimes”. ❞
—— (via vogue-ette)

a proud, proud fan of twenty one pilots. I don’t have words to describe the influence this band has


found objects


Cold Creek, Nevada. April 2014